How To Setup Hik Connect On Your Mobile

by The Low Voltage Experts

Posted on June 20, 2019

How To Setup Hik Connect On Your Mobile

In this article we are going to run through the setup of the Hik-Connect app on your mobile. This guide is for Hikvision NVR or DVR users. Not all Hikvision equipment is compatible with Hik-Connect. Let's check if your recorder is compatible.

Login into your recorders web interface by entering the recorders IP address into a browser. (Check out our guide on how to do Network Setup For CCTV Systems for more info on web interfaces.) Also before proceeding with this guide ensure your recorder is connected to the internet.

Go to Configuration - Network - Advanced Settings and look for Platform Access. You will now see Platform Access Mode - Hik-Connect. If you don't have this option then your equipment isn't compatible with Hik-Connect however check if there is a firmware upgrade for your recorder as this may include a Hik-Connect update. Get Hikvision Firmware Updates Here.

Next enable Hik-Connect from the checkbox. Leave Server IP as it is and enter a verification code. This code can be anything you want and will be used later on the Hik-Connect app for verification. Save everything. Go to Configuration - System - System Settings - Serial Number. Take note of the last 9 digits of the serial number,usually after WR which is the country code where the device was purchase.

Now go to the Hik-Connect Website and register. Once registered, login and go to Device Management. Click Add on the top right and a popup will open asking for a serial number. Enter the 9 digit serial number you noted earlier and click search. If done successfully your will see Added in green at the bottom. Close the popup and you should see the device you just added on the list.

Now download the Hik-Connect app. Download from Google Play Here or App Store Here. At the time of writing the Hik-Connect app isn't available on other mobile platforms but this may change in the near future.

Once downloaded open the app. Select your country and login with same details you registered with on the Hik-Connect site. Once logged in you will now be able to see your recorder under My Device. Tap on the device then tap on the black screen with a padlock that pops up. You will be asked to enter the verification code which you created earlier on. Now you should be able to see the cameras live feed on the main screen. Have fun.

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