How To Setup CCTV Remote Viewing

by The Low Voltage Experts

Posted on June 19, 2019

How To Setup CCTV Remote Viewing

In this article we are going to talk about how to configure your home router and NVR for CCTV remote viewing from any mobile device or tablet. Start by logging into your video recorder and going into settings. Locate the network settings menu and take note of the recorder's IP address. Also make sure the Default Gateway is correct. For more detailed info on how to setup your CCTV Network check out our article on Network Setup For CCTV Systems.

Screen shot of Hikvision Network Page

Now from the Networks tab locate the Server Port. Most system have it set to 8000 as a default.

Screen shot of Hikvision Port Page

Next download the app for your recorder. If you are not sure which app it is we recommend you download IVMS 4500 app

Once downloaded and installed, open it and go to devices, new device and manual adding. Enter a name for this recorder. Now enter the IP address and port number of the recorder.

Screen shot of ivms setup page

Next enter your username and password for the recorder. Save everything. Now the you should be able to see your CCTV video feed on your mobile device.

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